Together with two beds and master bedroom considered for your relaxation , wc and bathroom , sofa and kitchen at entrance , you will find all the warmth and attenttion that you are looking for in WELCOME HOTEL & RESTAURANT.

From 300 m from the sea,you can go to the sea or you can sunbathe on our lounges and hammocks by enjoying our garden.

A real holiday completely in the natural beuty , far away from boring concrete environments and hotels like the city life…


Çıralı is located about 70 km from Antalya. Cirali can be found on the Antalya-Finike highway and can be accessed on the main-highway by minibus (Dolmuş) or taxi. Once leaving the main highway it is a beautiful 7km drive to our hotel. 

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Çıralı Beach

The bay of Çıralı is a triangular shaped plain surrounded by mountains, with a 3,2 km long beach limited on both ends by cliffs. The beach with a width varying from 50m to 100m, is a mixture of fine sand and pebbles. In the winter months, three streams reach the sea on the Çıralı shore.


Caretta Caretta

Cirali beach, extending for three kilometers (2 mi.), is one of the few protected beaches where the Caretta caretta sea turtles lay their eggs. caretta details...

Stone House

Stone house was built in 1959 by Kerim Ölçer. It is the only old building that has still been used in Çıralı. 




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